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Each of the men’s shirts from A.MOM Confections shows the philosophy of a company based on excellence. We have different types of fabrics that assure you the comfort and softness that is sought in fashion for men.

We take care of all the details to offer you an excellent gentleman’s product.

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Men’s shirts: Dress and Sport

When chosing a men’s shirt we must keep in mind. It is necessary to take into account cario factors to choose a good shirt for men, since the shirt is a fundamental piece when it comes to choosing costumes. There is a wide variety of fabrics and textures to choose the right style, taking into account variables such as temperature, type of event or look that favors us. It is important to keep in mind that the shirt is well fitted to fit a good image and, if a tie is worn, you should do a test by closing the last button on the collar of the shirt. The slim fit men’s shirts are having a great reception in the public because the enhance the figure of the wearer. the basic color of wardrobe are white, light blue and pink, and thanks to variety of fabrics you can combine your ties and suits with shirts, whether striped, smooth or plaid. In Antonio Mompó you will find different varieties of fabrics for your shirts:

  • Sport fabrics: mainly linen, oxford, flannel, table madras and villela.
  • Fabrics to wear: the main ones are the Twill, Spike, Pin point and the Popelín

The best cuts of shirts for men are in A.MOM, where we take care of all the processes of elaboration and we choose fabrics of high quality to give you an extraordinary result.

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