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In A MOM you will find a meticulous collection of plaid shirts for men in different sizes and colors. Within our range you have several alternatives, from thicker stripes to shirts with finer stripes, in different thicknesses and compositions depending on the season. All of them made with high quality fabrics to provide great comfort.

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We make garments that dress our customers for many years, shirts that maintain their colors and fabrics like the first day. Gentlemen’s fashion with the guarantee of a company with more than 70 years of experience, able to accompany them in their family time, leisure time and special situations. Shirts that have dressed grandparents, parents and grandchildren, and that make good presence a hallmark.

Choose the right shirt and how to wear it

When selecting the perfect garment, the following questions may arise: – Sizing: in the last decade, slim fit garments have gained popularity; they are those that adapt to the body and enhance the figure of the person. At the same time we have the classic regular fit that is less adjusted and may be more comfortable for some customers. In any case, the decision of the size corresponds to the taste of the person.

– Type of painting: choosing a suitable strip will depend on the accessories that accompany our garment and the situation in which you want to use. If we are going to wear a suit, we recommend small paintings to suit the American style and help us to give a more formal impression. On the other hand, the large picture can be an ideal solution for carefree environments.

– The shirt inside or outside : Wear the shirt outside the pants is reserved for relaxed and relaxed environments. The different fabrics in mens check shirts

In the manufacture of shirts we use different fabric options looking for the best adaptation to the function of the garment. Among the most prominent tissues are:

  • Poplin, a soft touch fabric obtained by fusing two threads with different thicknesses, is the most common fabric in dress shirts.
  • The villela, habitual fabric in winter garments, made mainly in 100% cotton. It guarantees a protection against the cold that other fabrics can not offer.
  • The flannel, made of cotton, wool or synthetic fibers, is also used for winter shirts as it is a warmer garment.
  • The madras, ideal fabric for spring summer shirts, is characterized by colorful and vivid to the paintings, resulting in very attractive garments.

You can learn more about the materials we use in the fabrics section.

Guaranteed by A MOM

The 70 years of experience of A.MOM have been the result of the effort of great professionals who make up a consolidated team. A human capital to which is added the constant investment in facilities, raw materials and technical equipment to achieve excellence in each product.

Each of the men’s shirts has impregnated the work philosophy of A MOM. The commitment to deliver a perfect product means that each garment passes a strict quality control from the beginning to the end of the process. From the pattern to the cut and the final preparation. To this we add the satisfaction that comes from manufacturing our products in Spain.

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