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A.MOM shirts are guaranteed by more than 70 years of experience in the sector. Comfort is the greatest quality we can bring you when it comes to wearing our shirts, but it is also important that our colors and products remain the same as the first day.
What men’s striped shirts to choose according to the occasion

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Wider stripes

The wider the stripes on your shirt, the more casual it is. Therefore, wide-striped shirts are preferable for leisure occasions.

Closer stripes

Contrary to the above, narrow stripes give you a much more formal look and therefore more compatible with elegant occasions or work environments. There are shirts with stripes so thin that they can only be seen up close.

Striped colors for men

There is no limit of colors and shades to choose the color of the shirt you dream of. We can combine all the colors that occur to us, both for the bottom of the shirt, as for the stripes.

Different fabrics for men’s striped shirts

In the manufacture of shirts we use different fabric options. We seek the best adaptation to the function of the garment. You can know more about the compositions that we use in the section textiles. Guaranteed by A MOM

A.MOM has 70 years of experience based on the effort and dedication of a great team. To this human group must be added the constant investment and renovation of facilities, raw materials and technical equipment. The work philosophy of A.MOM is embodied in each of the men’s shirts we made. Each garment undergoes strict quality control from the beginning to the end of the process. Our main purpose is to show excellence in the product. To which we must add the satisfaction of manufacturing all products mainly in Spain.

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