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The mens shirts are perfect with everything. They offer us the possibility of wearing them under the sweater, with the suit or wearing it alone. In A MOM you will find the best selection of shirts, in numerous sizes and colors.

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The quality of our shirts is backed by more than 70 years of experience in the sector. Our fabrics provide great comfort to those who wear our shirts and manage to maintain their colors as the first day.

Types of plain shirts for men

Plain casual or sport shirts for men

The smooth sport shirts are perfect if you want to give an informal touch to your look but without losing the elegance. Plain dress shirts for men

With these we will achieve a formal aspect, ideal for work days and special occasions. They are characterized by dressing a more sober style. Colors of plain shirts for men

There is an infinity of colors and tones to choose the shirt that best suits your look. We can combine all the colors that occur to us to adapt to all types of suits and pants. Different fabrics for plain shirts for men

In the manufacture of shirts we use different fabric options. We seek the best adaptation to the function of the garment. Among the most prominent tissues are:

  • Fil a fil: achieves vivid colors by alternating two colors of yarn.
  • Oxford: it’s perfect for casual shirts. It is usually used for shirts with a buttoned collar, achieving a soft and resistant result.
  • Linen: it is one of the most quoted fabrics in summer. This allows the skin to perspire freely and tends to soften with use. It is perfect if you are looking for a comfortable and elegant look.
  • Denim: very fashionable fabric used to make the famous denim shirts. It is a fabric that goes through many processes to achieve a fresh and quality shirt.
  • Pinpoint: this type of fabric is special for dress shirts. Its fine and light texture is composed of threads of different sizes to give it a granular style.

You can know more about the compositions that we use in the section textiles.

Guaranteed by A MOM

Our 70 years of history are the result of the effort of a team of people and professionals with extensive experience in the sector. We are united by the common cause of designing quality fashion and we have facilities and raw materials that allow us to achieve excellence in each product.

The philosophy of A.MOM work is reflected in each of their shirts. We are obliged to follow strict quality control on each garment from design to completion, all with the sole commitment to provide a perfect product. It is an honor for us to be able to make our products mainly in Spain.

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