Clothing shirts for men

Here we present the best offer of men’s dress shirts. Get an impeccable look for your work days and special occasions with our wide selection of shirts.

The dress shirts we offer are perfect for those looking for high quality with a modern and elegant style.

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Choose the mens dress shirt that best suits your style

Smooth shirts

There is a range of infinite tones when choosing a plain shirt that suits your style and what you want to convey. These shirts are a good choice to get a classic touch.

Plain shirts are the most recommended in dress. Traditionally the white color has been chosen as the most appropriate, followed by blue. However, times have changed and to this day the range has been opened to other color tones on the shirt for combinations with and without a tie.

The biggest advantage of plain shirts is that they combine with everything and adapt to all types of suits and pants.

Check shirts

Dress shirts with a checkered design are associated with a more casual look. Small pictures are more associated with a dress look than large paintings, smaller pictures, more formality. You choose and, remember, the paintings never go out of style.

Striped shirts

In the past, striped shirts were considered casual or casual wear, however, today, it is common to wear these shirts in dress. The more formal you want your look to be, the smaller the width of the stripes will be.

Guaranteed by A MOM

A.MOM has 70 years of experience through three generations based on effort and dedication with the aim of providing fashion for men of the highest quality. The keys to achieve this are based on a highly qualified staff, the constant investment and renovation of facilities, raw materials and technical equipment, with the only goal of achieving excellence in each product.

The work philosophy of A.MOM is reflected in each of the men’s shirts that are made. Each garment goes through a rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process, with the purpose of offering the highest quality. To which we must add the satisfaction of manufacturing mainly in Spain.

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