Plain dress shirts for men

This is our offer of plain mens dress shirts. A.MOM offers you a perfect selection for your special occasions. These shirts will give you an elegant and formal style with the endorsement of a resistant product and excellent quality.

Smooth shirts offer an infinite range of colors and shades that allow you to combine them in the best possible way.

Plain shirts are ideal for important events or celebrations. They will provide an unbeatable style and elegance. You can combine them in innumerable ways and they will fit you well with all kinds of sets, whether you wear a tie or not.

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Different fabrics for plain shirts for men

In the manufacture of shirts we use different fabric options. We seek the best adaptation to the function of the garment. Among the most prominent are:

  • Fil a fil: achieves vivid colors by alternating two colors of yarn. It is usually used to dress and mainly in summer.
  • Pinpoint: this type of fabric is special for dress shirts. Its fine and light texture is composed of threads of different sizes to give it a granular style.
  • Poplin: It is a fabric of silky touch obtained by the combination of two thicknesses of different threads, finer in the warp than in the weft. It is the fabric of the dress shirt par excellence.

Guaranteed by A.MOM

We are backed by 70 years of experience based on the professionalism of a great team that aims to achieve excellence in each of our shirts. To this we must add our constant investment in the modernization of our facilities, raw materials and technical equipment.

A.MOM has a work philosophy that is embodied in each of our gentleman products. Each garment goes through rigorous quality controls, from design, through weaving, pattern making and cutting, to the final preparation of our garments.

We have the satisfaction of developing a product with excellent quality and reference with the Spain brand.

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