A.MOM, a reference in men’s fashion in Spain since 1947

In 1947 Mr. Agustín Mompó Pérez invested 100 pesetas and employed 7 people with the aim of creating a workshop to make shirts on request.

The second generation arrived twenty years later in the sixties in the figure of its son D. Antonio Mompó Quílis, who participated in the business having first been trained. He strengthened the sales network and brought in new ideas in management and fashion design for men.

These shirts are designed, woven and made in Spain. The factory is in Madrid and it combines modern technology with the craft techniques of decades ago.

Currently, the company has a young and experienced team led by Mr. Alberto Mompó Fuentes, the third generation. This mixture of experience and youth, of tradition and updating; together with the dedication, affection and the desire to continue working and learning, are the key to the successes that A.MOM has achieved. The wisdom of three generations is embodied in our products.

Our facilities, raw materials, designs, technical equipment and, above all, the professional and human quality of the people who work at A.MOM, are the set of factors in which our business philosophy is summarized. Our catalogues and different product lines are precisely adapted to the demands of an increasingly demanding market, where innovation and international growth are the trend.

Our articles go through a strict quality control, from the choice of the best fabrics to the patterns, cutting and making of each one of the garments, taking care of each detail in every way. In this way, we guarantee to offer the latest trends in fashion of the highest quality to a faithful public in the market.

Signature attached to Moda España

Confecciones AMOM belongs to the Confederation of Spanish Fashion and in its articles it carries the identification labels that guarantee the design and / or manufacturing in Spain. With this we guarantee our brand commitment to boost the national economy and continue collaborating with the image of quality of Spanish fashion. You can consult the list of signatures associated with Modaespaña on its website.