It is a thin, heavy and durable fabric that has a fine grooved appearance on the surface. Although originally made from silk, it can be made from wool, cotton, silk, rayon or a mixture of these materials.

Fil a Fil

It is a light fabric, generally of cotton, with the warp formed alternately by a white thread and one of colour. Its yarn-to-yarn production makes it possible to obtain numerous variants of colour. Often used for summer and dress shirts, silk, rayon or a mixture of these materials.


It is made of fine colored threads that are interwoven with other thicker white threads creating its characteristic dotted appearance.


It is considered as a rather luxurious fabric, as well as comfortable and elegant. It is a fabric, comfortable and allows the skin to breathe freely. It is absorbent, breathable and becomes smoother with use. It is a very healthy tissue that does not cause allergy.

Print or Fantasy

It is characterized by being composed of drawings or adornments that contribute vividness to the garment. It is a soft touch resistant fabric. The printed or fancy fabrics are ideal to bring style and modernity to the wardrobe.


It is known around the world for being the base fabric for jeans garments. With it are made shirts of the typical indigo colour, characterized by solidity and a discreet thermal insulation. The denim is composed of a weft of threads of the same colour of cotton (white) and a warp of blue threads vertical.


Cotton or linen fabric. It differs from other fabrics of shirt making by the aspect of spikelet of its surface. It is easily recognized by the typical alternation of fringes and oblique lines.


The flannel is a soft fabric of various types of qualities. Originally the flannels were made of wool, but now it is more frequent to see them made of cotton or synthetic fibres. An ideal material for winter as it offers heat to the wearer and great strength and durability over time.


What characterizes this fabric are the variety of decorative paintings, once upon a time in black and red, and today in different vivacious and striking combinations. The main quality of Madras is lightness. Cotton, flax and silk are the materials most used in its production. It is an ideal fabric for summer shirts and short sleeves.


It is a variety of Oxford fabric. Its fine yarns provide a lighter and more elegant appearance. Used to make men’s dress shirts. The pin point can be made either in 100% cotton or blend.


It is a type of fabric easily identifiable as it creates a diagonal of texture or color in the fabric. Its denser structure causes it to wrinkle less than the poplin.


It is a fabric that was originally made from cotton and wool, and although still today is still made with these materials, wool has gradually been replaced by polyester fibers. Due to its thickness it is a fabric more used in winter.