At Antonio Mompó, each garment represents the essence of a business model based on excellence that meets the highest standards of product quality. From cutting to finishing, through making, ironing and folding are subject to strict controls quality.


We are present the best international fairs, where we present our collections to the most prestigious manufacturers of men’s clothing. We lead in the fashion and the trends that are coming in fabrics and designs. We select the best fabrics and the most comfortable textures, adapting to the latest trends and the needs of our customers..


A lifetime of designing and creating to offer the best of us to our customers. Our 70 years of experience in the knitting textile sector, being pioneers in the introduction of fabrics and of designs, endorses us


Our priority is our clients, offering them a service of direct treatment and through our wide network of representatives. If you are interested in selling Antonio Mompó shirts in your store, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.